The innovative Bentley Stroller/Trike transforms through various stages to ensure that everyone from infants to toddlers can use the Bentley trike for years to come.

Some of the features which make it so functional include multiple footrest positions, a reclining and swivel seat, a removable parent push handle, and a fun free wheel & handle function.

The Bentley will adapt to your changing needs through the distinct stages of growth.

Bentley trike stages
Bentley Trike Oficcialy Logo
The Bentley Trike now proudly wears the world-famous badge and embodies the commitment to quality and craftsmanship that the Bentley Motor Company has carefully upheld over the years.

Some of the Bentley style features apparent in the stroller trike are:

  • Bentley Continental GT replica wheels – that are made from rubber and filled with air to ensure a smooth ride unlike many competitors;
  • Chrome Bentley logo on the metal frame;
  • the same color finish as the Bentley Continental cars

Transforming from a stroller to a trike, this product ensures that your infant or toddler is safe and comfortable using it.

As they grow, your children can make use of several footrest positions to completely enjoy their time with the Bentley Stroller / Trike.

McLaren Scooters are here for you and your child!


McLaren exists to deliver the most thrilling riding experiences imaginable. We don’t simply push the boundaries, we completely rethink them.

Our scooters are now available for kids as young as 2 years old to well into their late teens.

From the very beginning, McLaren’s history has been deep seated with a passion for cars and racing. With his team of engineers, founder Bruce McLaren built a legacy of victories and automotive accomplishments through his sheer determination and drive.

Let your child’s passion for racing start when they join the McLaren Scooters Club. Let them experience an ultimate ride with the McLaren carbon fiber balance bike or glide around with the rider-focused McLaren Scooters.

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